Team Owner Tony Zizzo to Race in Bonneville SpeedWeek 2012

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Tony Zizzo, father of NHRA Top Fuel Driver TJ Zizzo is attending the 64th annual Bonneville Speedweek in hopes of setting a personal record of achieving over 300mph in an AA/Fuel Lakester Car. Speedweek is an annual event that takes place in the salt flats just outside Wendover, Utah. Hundreds of drag racers from all over the world will attend this event hoping to set land speed records.

“The salt flats in Utah are one of the wonders of the world. They are truly an amazing scene. However, racing on this type of track makes the experience completely different than a traditional track. Doing 300mph on asphalt is easy and practically anyone can do that, but doing these types of speeds on this terrain is a completely different story,” said Zizzo.

The Southern California Timing Association hosts this annual event and provides drivers with a straight track that can reach as far as nine miles in length. Temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees this weekend, which may prove difficult for even the most seasoned of drivers.

“The element of this event that I appreciate the most is the fact that all drivers, both amateurs and professionals come to set world records in different ways. People come in rocket cars, beautiful sport cars and even scooters or bar stools with wheels. But what I appreciate the most is old drag race drivers like myself can to come together and discuss how we all have lost our reaction times,” chuckled Zizzo.

If you want to catch Zizzo racing his AA/Fuel Lakester car, swing by the 64th annual Bonneville Speedweek August 12-14. 

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